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A few things to consider when improving your kitchen space.

18 APRIL 2021

Designing and installation of a new kitchen is undeniably one of the best home improvement projects that you can undertake, but what are the other benefits aside from increasing the value of your home? Well here are a few you could consider:

Opening up space in your home

Opening up this space will allow family and friends to take part in the food preparation and cooking, whilst socialising at the same time. Open plan kitchen-dining and living area spaces make excellent social kitchens allowing for guests to see and chat with those charged with cooking duties, whilst still enjoying plenty of space away from the cooking area.

Did you know that according to a rightmove survey cooking and baking has seen a 12% increase since lockdown. It would also be fair to mention that people spend most of their time in this part of the house.

Creating a social focal point

A carefully designed central kitchen island can be a great social focal point for family and friends. kitchen islands can be multi-functional including features for food preparation, cooking, dining, and entertaining guests. If you combine this with stylish comfortable seating the island becomes a social space where conversations and food can be shared and enjoyed.

But as there are so many different kitchen island designs, a vast array of storage solutions and a wide range of hardware, it is difficult to know what will best suit your space. Take time to talk to family and friends about ideas.

Recognise the importance of light

During the day it is important to get as much natural daylight into your space and social focal point. This can be achieved by installing more windows, skylights and/or roof lanterns. Artificial lights are equally important in making the kitchen more socially appealing. Lights with dimmer options and their location will allow you to create different ambiances to suit different occasions.

Our first video on YouTube.

18 APRIL 2021

We are delighted to have launched our very first video on YouTube. In the future we will look to add additional JJL videos and showcases for inclusion on social media.